Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Potty training

gotta love it. At least I got Jace to sit still on the toilet for 10 minutes.

I had a relaxing birthday yesterday. It was nice having some time to myself.

Today I worked..and of course, since our group lead is off all week some issues popped up that I have to address now..I'm afraid someone might get fired.

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  1. well happy late birthday girlie. gald it was a good one. and hope them pesky problems at work finally get totally dealt with for ya!
    lol potty training....well the way my youth pastor did it was, every time she went (or tried) she gave her a little piece of her fav candy. and the way my cousin anthony did it was, he was all like "you gotta go potty YEAH lets go potty" all high pitched and happy....and when she went (or tried) he claps and smiles really big and says " YEAH you went potty on the big potty like a big girl" so candy worked for one girl and cheerful boices and clapping worked for the other girl. dunno what you guys are doing...maybe thatll help a little. idk. have a great day girl!!!